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Plastic Modular Belts we will supply plastic modular belts as per cusotmer requirement with cleats and sidewalls, cup type cleats
Modular sidewall cleated conveyor belts- for inclinte application we will supply plastic modular belts in different height form 20mm to 150mm. cleat long and pitch as per customer requirements
we have 1 inch pitch modular belts. we will supply this belt with cleats and sidewall also.
we will supply modular belt with bucket cleats
Garniture Tapes - we will manufacture Garniture tapes for Cigarette Industry
Suction Tapes for Cigarette Industry
UMB 50, 2 inch pitch modular belt. Pitted, cleat and plain types available.
Suction tapes used in tobacco industry for cigarette making purpose. Tapes for all types of machines can be supplied.